Disrupting VOIP with Blockchain

Zoptax is a blockchain based calling Network providing its users completely secure and private VOIP calls experience via decentralized Network.

Zoptax is a US registered company Find Out More

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What is Zoptax?

Zoptax Coin

VOIP Calls

Make decentralized calls


Send text over Blockchain

Zoptax Phone

Phone with Zoptax Embedded App

Network Fee

Pay Calls Fees with Zoptax coin


Limited coins assure high profit

Zoptax Bone

Hold the Bone and earn coins


Zoptax coin is released based on the SHA256 algorithm and will fully comply with the security features. Support of this standard ensures compatibility of the coin with third-party services, and also provides ease of integration.



  • IEO Price Increase

    5% every 2Million






  • Coin Price


  • Bonus

    upto 20%




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  • Bonus

    upto 10%

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  • Coin Price


  • Total Bonus

    upto 20%

Zoptax Phone Features

Zoptax Phone will be embedded with zoptax app only so you have 0% security breach issue.

Solving security and central authority control issue on VOIP Zoptax is taking the next step of launching its Mobile Phone which will only have zoptax embedded application making it first of its kind 0% security risk-free phone. Keep eye on this page or subscribe to your email to get further information about the Zoptax phone.

Listing on Exchanges

About Zoptax

For investors

A limited number of zoptax coins provide early investors the opportunity to get high profits with early investment.

For Miners

Miners or node holders get profit from both Zoptax Bone and Zoptax Coin. Miners have the main role in the network because calls go through these nodes.

For everyone

Being one and only true decentralized VOIP network Zoptax subscribers stays connected with their loved ones without any interruption form centralized authorities.

Road Map

Events and News

15th September 2019 (Tokyo)

Official Zoptax Meetup with community and developers to introduce all features.

25th January 2020 (Dubai)

Introducing Zoptax in Middle east and introducing investment opportunities in Zoptax Blockchain Network.

5th June 2020 (New York)

Developers & community Meetup to bring helpful hands to improve zoptax network and app features.

18th October 2020 (London)

Launch of zoptax Mobile Phone. Introducing Blockhain and its VOIP application.

Funds allocation

Lock-up period

Investors vested until the end of the public sale

Advisors vested for 2 years unless individual contract terms reached

Team vested for 2 years

(or 25% defrosting in case the cost of a coin reaches 4X, the price must be held for at least a month, and every 25% 3X, 4X, 5X, respectively)

Reserve fund vested for 5 years

(or 25% defrosting in case the cost of a coin reaches 4X, the price must be held for at least a month, and every 25% 3X, 4X, 5X, respectively)


Public sale


Reserve fund









Team & Advisors

Rao Naveed
--Founder & CEO

Naveed is a professional blockchain developer and leading industry developer. Founded 10+ startups and advised over 50 blockchain projects.

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--Blockchain Engineer

Umar recently left Oracle and joined Zoptax. His job is to optimize the decentralized web to provide users with the fastest call connection.

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Daniele Dimitrov
--Design Ninja

Daniele is is a professional UI/UX expert and digital designer. His skills help Zoptax to provide the best user experience and app interface.

View Profile
Mr. Memon
--Blockchain Guru

Memon is a blockchain engineer and decentralized app developer. Recently finished DEX exchange and now joined Zoptax for decentralized VOIP.

View Profile
Usman Khan
--DApps Ninja

Usman is DApps and smart contract Expert, worked in leading firms. He is currently working on a web-based Zoptax decentralized VOIP model.

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Arslan Mumtaz
--Blockchain Ninja

Blockchain and Javascript Developer specializes in building blockchain applications with Hyperledger Fabric and/or Hyperledger Composer.

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Saima Nadeem
--Community Manager

Saima is a community manager and professional writer. Her communication skills help zoptax to keep our community up to date.

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M. Shoaib
--DApps Ninja

Linux System Administrator using Debian-based systems and got into blockchain development, and now he develop blockchain using Django and Flask.

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Dr. Imran Khan

Dr. Imran has Ph.D. in Networks and blockchain expert. He is helping Zoptax team to provide a highly optimized network to its users.

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Dato' Norhisham

Dato' Norhisham is an angel investor and blockchain enthusiast running his own blockchain based products in Malaysia.

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Shehzad Khan

Khan is a professional blockchain advisor and highly experienced marketing manager. Khan has successfully advised 10+ Blockchain projects.

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Emanuele Ferrari

ICO/IEO Consultant/Advisor and have extensive knowledge of blockchain, and subject matter knowledge of ICO/IEO.

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Juan Carlo

ICO/IEO advisor of more than 20 successful project. Currently working as listing officer and admin of different community.

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CEO & Co-Founder of NorthernCapital investment company. Cedric is professional blockchain finance advisor and helped multiple startups.

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Ashish Sharma

IEO Advisor and having Expertise in Digital Marketing from core concepts like SEO, SMO, PPC to Media Outreach & Public Relations.

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Why should participants trust our crowdsale?

From a legal point of view, we are holding a crowdfunding campaign. We are a running an actual blockchain solution, and getting fined by the regulators is not in our plans. We will implement each point set out in our Whitepaper and Roadmap, and will do all we can to protect the interests of the crowdsale participants. We have a real and successful solution, and our team is made up of real people who are professionals in their field and have a good reputation in the world of finance.

Why are you holding an ICO/IEO?

So more investment help us build more feature and complete the applications so to acheive more success.

Does it require KYC?

Except US investors, KYC is optional. US investors will be asked for KYC. Please make sure your country allow you to particiape is ICO/IEO.

What makes zoptax unique?

Zoptax is the only true blockchain based VOIP model. Which makes it unique and 100% guaranteed success.

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